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【SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!】(I’m working with NHK’s booth at AX btw!)
I’ve been offered a contract by a “Jimusho” or Talent Agency in Japan, to become a signed idol/talent in Tokyo.
I’m so gracious for all of your support as I still remember being a goofy 14 in my room uploading videos into NicoNico Douga. As cliche as it is, I probably would’ve given up if it weren’t for all of you out there who held my hand along the way. I’ve kept this under wraps but my debut CD, Cotton Candy☆Magical First Date! is finally coming out, alongside with a potential memorial photobook, T-Shirt, and so much more on our Kickstarter project! This way everyone can get only what they like, and we won’t have to risk everything. If successful, my CD will be sold on NicoNico Douga by a Japanese distributor soon. I’d just like to say thank you, and I’ll keep trying to protect your smiles along my journey!



who says black people aren’t kawaii, huh, huh???

Can we talk about how I didn’t know that meloswag was already a common tag before I made Mr. MeloSWAG for Melochin??

Well he’s the original Meloswag soo

I’m doing a small tally. Favorite Odorite/ group and why?

Hello!!! I made “Mr. MeloSWAG” (*´∀`)

Merochin: What the hell is this!  w

I sent this to him one night when he was RTing a bunch of followers who were drawing really good fan art.

kyungka replied to your post: kyungka replied to your post: You guys…

Wow thats so cool!! Well done ive been a fan of you for a couple of years now so this is awesome to hear:)

Aww thank youuuuu!! ♡

Merochin be like “gay janai”

And I’m like “lol okay”

🌠; にゃん〜
    【めろちん×Ry☆】 Viva Happy

Talked with Mii on LINE today. 

I miss her!!!! ♡

ki-chan suki ♡♡

mii-chan suki ♡

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