Hi fun people, catch me this evening (maybe 6pm)


See you! ♡

who’s around?

I have no idea what’s going on

happy happy

yay yay



T-Rex Troubles

Good Morning~!

Last night I dreamt I could transform into  T-rex!!

 I never actually got to transform (you can’t just transform anywhere you please you know!) but just knowing that I could, made it cool!

Since I have WiFi again, this morning I had my first Nico Nama on World Otaku Mate in a while.

It was disastrous. I ran out of things to do and talk about so someone started talking about the tension between Japan, China and Korea and said they hate the Chinese even after I told them my best friend is Chinese American and had family in China….

I had to ask them to stop because I was uncomfortable.

Towards the end of the live, some of the users shot complicated sentences at me that I could not understand. But one person did say “this live isn’t good” which I knew already….

In two hours I was only able to raise the view count to about 200 where most of the girls on World Otaku Mate are able to raise their views to well over 1,000.

I guess if I want to continue broadcasting on this channel I’ll have to work harder.

The problem is many of the girls on our channel are extremely cute or alluring in some way. I’m older than most of them so I really don’t know what to do.

I’m going to go for a walk and think about it….

Ciao ♥

P.S. if you have any thoughts feel free to message me!

I’m also on LINE→KiSweets

Hi fun people, catch me this evening (maybe 6pm)


See you! ♡

Last minute announcement!

I’m broadcasting tomorrow morning 8:30-10:30am (07/28 21:30 - 23:30)
Drop in if you have time!!
I’m requesting a broadcast in the evening after this one, probably for Tuesday or Wednesday!

Good Night! ♡

ニコニコ超パーティーIII supported by an 〜First Night〜 in ニコニコ超会議3 
ANTI THE HOLiC. Opening Act.

ayyyyy :)


Nokkuso takes pictures with everyone~ 

1st, with Ti☆In!; 2nd, with Matsu and Miya (Kusarine Project); 3rd, with Ririri; 4th, with Tomitake

Ririri has braces awwwww

Ano Natsu He
by Soundtrack from Sen To Chihiro No Kamikakushi
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I don’t know why, this song always makes me feel sad…


it’s sad because it reminds you that every great adventure has to end, you must say goodbye to every friend eventually, and that the power of these experiences will live on only in your memories, and even if you do forget…. they live on through your actions and choices from then on.

so I guess in a way, they never really die. This is why my goal in life is to make good movies; to make adventures for people to experience, and for that experience to live forever in them.

After all you haven’t forgotten what you’ve learned from Spirited Away even if you’ve never put it into words, right??


【SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!】(I’m working with NHK’s booth at AX btw!)
I’ve been offered a contract by a “Jimusho” or Talent Agency in Japan, to become a signed idol/talent in Tokyo.
I’m so gracious for all of your support as I still remember being a goofy 14 in my room uploading videos into NicoNico Douga. As cliche as it is, I probably would’ve given up if it weren’t for all of you out there who held my hand along the way. I’ve kept this under wraps but my debut CD, Cotton Candy☆Magical First Date! is finally coming out, alongside with a potential memorial photobook, T-Shirt, and so much more on our Kickstarter project! This way everyone can get only what they like, and we won’t have to risk everything. If successful, my CD will be sold on NicoNico Douga by a Japanese distributor soon. I’d just like to say thank you, and I’ll keep trying to protect your smiles along my journey!


who says black people aren’t kawaii, huh, huh???

Can we talk about how I didn’t know that meloswag was already a common tag before I made Mr. MeloSWAG for Melochin??

Well he’s the original Meloswag soo

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