Odorite Tips

Hello~! Welcome to a rekindled series called Odorite Tips.

I used to post these on my main tumblr and then decided that they weren’t really helpful and stopped. This time around I’ll be sharing things that I’ve tried and have proven to work for me when it comes to posting covers on Nico NIco Douga an hopefully getting them seen. 

Again, these are only the things I’ve personally tried and witnessed results from. With such a wide variety in age, nationality, and even spare time, different things will work for different people. 

I’m here to start a conversation and share information with fellow international odorite and maybe (even if just a little bit) build a stronger community because of it. 


 You can look forward to a new post at 10 am (EST) every Saturday! Feel free to inbox me if you’ve discovered something that would be beneficial to international odorite, that many people (including myself) may not know about and I’ll publish it here! Let’s start sharing!

See you tomorrow!

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@uni_mafumafu: 再三ブロックされたけどとうとうそらるさんの方からリプきたツンデレだあああああああああ RT @soraruru @uni_mafumafu uniってなに?
Soraru: What’s uni?
Mafumafu: Even though I’ve been repeatedly blocked, Soraru-san finally sent me a reply, that’s tsundereeeee

@soraruru: @uni_mafumafu いいからuniってなに